A little known place in Scotland, Glenshee holds many secrets and is rich in history. It goes by the name of the “glen of fairies” and actually forms the gateway to the highlands situated in the northern regions of Scotland. This has been so for thousands of years.

Snow-sports centre

Located along the North-eastern regions of Perthshire, Glenshee is more famous as a snow-sports centre in Scotland. In winter time, Glenshee turns into a big fun filled sports centre, arguably the biggest in Scotland and perhaps even the UK. Ski fanatics and snowboard enthusiasts have 38 spectacular runs to have fun in. It all depends on the snow and this has dictated the fortunes of this place for years now.

For the past couple of years, the winters have been colder and the snow fall heavier. Naturally, the tourists are now rushing up the slopes. This has not always been the case meaning investors feel discouraged investing in this area. The infrastructure here is wanting and simply needs a face lift if this area has to be of any economic use.

With a view to giving the place a face lift with improvements being made to the Cairngorm Mountains, authorities have drawn up blueprints for this tourism during this summer. It may be recalled that with the construction of the Cairngorm Mountain Railway, tourists comprising mainly of walkers, cyclists and hikes are tour the areas around Mount Aviemore easily. The led to increased revenue which has in turn influenced investments in snow sports in the area.

Glenshee Heather Festival

As a first step, the authorities have announced that they would host the Glenshee Heather Festival during the months of August and September annually. There would be cultural activities, food festivals, cycle tours and hiking trips. An ale festival would also take place during which there would be numerous Highland Games taking place. Investing in change is sure to help the economy of the place and one will see a blooming snow sports center in the next couple of years.